IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

146: Call Appearance Key Reservation

18th August 2006 - Full PDF Text Version


In some cases it is desirable to reserve the last Call Appearance (CA) key on a user for outgoing calls only. For example, operators on busy systems may wish to reserve an appearance to ensure they can always transfer a call no matter how busy the incoming call traffic is. In other cases, on systems without Voicemail, it may be desirable to enable traditional busy behaviour on phones by reducing the number of CA keys to two and reserving the last key for outgoing calls only.

From 3.1(65) onwards CA key reservation can be activated by adding the following source number string to each user requiring this functionality:


This string has to be configured on each user individually, it cannot be configured globally.

Any user that has RESERVE_LAST_CA= in its source number list will not accept an incoming call on its last CA. The caller will get Busy or be sent to Voicemail as appropriate.