IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

149: Avaya IP Office Phone Manager and SoftConsole BLF updates

18th August 2006 - Full PDF Text Version


Avaya would like to take the opportunity to clarify the operation of user state information updates. This includes Phone Manager and SoftConsole updates on both local and remote networks.

Please note. Where this document refers to Phone Manager it applies to all variants of this application.

There are several separate mechanisms for delivering user state information updates.

There is one mechanism for the IP Office-to-IP Office information flow and three mechanisms for the IP Office-to-User information flow.

While each of these mechanisms does share information with each other they are completely separate and have no direct impact on each other.


Local Network Functionality

Phone Manager and SoftConsole BLF update notifications are broadcast onto the same subnet as that of the IP Office. In the case of IP Office control units that have two local subnets, such as the IP Office 412 and the IP Office Small Office Edition, the messages are broadcast to both subnets.

The only limitation of broadcast message BLF updates is the size of subnet:

A 24 bit Class C subnet allows up to 254 host IP addresses. 1 of those will be the IP Office, so there is the potential to have up to 253 other PCs on that network, each PC can run a Phone Manager that will receive BLF updates.


Remote Network Functionality

When a Phone Manager application is logged onto an IP Office system but does not reside in the same local subnet as the IP Office, the IP Office will send BLF update notification messages directly to the PC that the Phone Manager is running on. This is a Unicast message. Each IP Office only supports BLF update notifications for 10 remote Phone Manager applications. This is provided on a first come first serve basis. Upon system start-up the first 10 Phone Manager connections from a different subnet will all receive BLF update notifications. Subsequent connections will not be provided with BLF update notifications but all other features will operate as per normal.

Please see the following diagrammatic example: