IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

152: Starting Avaya IP Office Services Using a Batch File

14th September 2006 - Full PDF Text Version


In some instances, certain computers might not respond quickly enough in order to start all of the Avaya services in the correct order. In this circumstance, it can be advisable to create a batch file which will delay the start of these services until the PC is fully running.

Avaya IP Office Services can be started successfully at system start-up using a scheduled task that initiates the batch file below. This batch file ensures that the services will start successfully and in the proper order.


To set up the batch file:

  1. Set all Avaya services, except Key Server, to "Manual".

  2. Create the batch file below and save it to %SYSTEMROOT%:

@echo off
rem Wait 60 seconds before execute.
timeout /t 60
net start CCC Delta Server
net start CCC Reporting
net start VMProDBService
net start Voicemail Pro Service
net start IMS(Restart)
net start IMS(Voice)
net start IMS(Gateway)

  1. Create a scheduled task to start the batch file at system start-up.