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159: Voicemail to Email Notification with VMLite

10th January 2007 - Full PDF Text Version


Voicemail Lite supports Email Notification using the simple MAPI Interface provided by Microsoft Outlook.

Email notification is configured on a user by user basis. The settings can be found within the IP Office Systems Settings on the Voicemail Tab, or the User Configuration Form

Options for Voicemail to Email Notification are:


Note: This is not the same as IMS which requires VoiceMail Pro.


Outlook Security Settings

The current Microsoft Email Security Update disables many Outlook features that allow viruses to spread quickly, however these security changes also make it difficult for many programs to access Outlook features to send emails.

In the case of Voicemail Lite, it prevents access to the Simple MAPI Interface, preventing voicemail to email notification from working.

Versions of Microsoft Outlook which are impacted by this security change include:


Microsoft has provided an Administrative Package which enables the Network Administrator to customize the Outlook Security Features.

This Administrative Package can be found in the Office Resource Kit for each particular version of Outlook. Visit the Microsoft Website for more details:



Installing the Microsoft Outlook Security Template

Installation and configuration of the Outlook Security Template is covered by Microsoft Documentation, resources available include:

The readme.doc included with the Administrative Package
- this covers the process of how to install and configure the package for each version of Outlook

- Customizing Outlook 2003 to Help Prevent Viruses
- Installing the Outlook Trusted Code Control
- Customizing Security Settings by Using the Outlook Security Template

- Simple MAPI Application Seems to Ignore Custom Security Settings


Modifying Outlook Security Settings to Enable Simple MAPI

In order to allow the necessary Simple MAPI commands in Outlook, the following options need to be configured within the Outlook Security Template for the user running Voicemail Lite and MS Outlook (i.e. the Voicemail Lite email account).

Note: The MS Implementation Guides discuss how to apply these settings to individual or multiple users.


Definition of Options on the Outlook Security Template