IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

160: MS-CRM Phone Records and Screen Popping

10th January 2007 - Full PDF Text Version


Phone records in MSCRM Database (CDF database) need to be free of meta-characters in order to successfully match incoming caller ID and provide screen popping for matched contact functionality.

When importing contacts from Outlook (for instance using the data migration wizard), meta-characters (parentheses, dashes) that are included in the record are normally included when the data is migrated. These meta-characters in the phone record data field in the MSCRM Database (CDF database) can cause an incoming caller ID to not match a contact record. This in turn prevents screen popping of matched contact capabilities.

For the MSCRM database to be integrated with IP Office, the phone records in the MSCRM Database (CDF database) must not contain meta-characters. Some common examples that may be configured for 10 digit numbers and may need amending include:


Please refer to Microsoft best practices when importing into, or migrating data for the MSCRM Database (CDF database).

More information can be found on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM website: