IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

161: 2402 Telephone Display May Not Function

10th January 2007 - Full PDF Text Version


The display on 2402 telephones will only work correctly with Avaya IP Office when the 2402 telephone is running R2.0 firmware.

To determine the firmware version installed on the telephone, compare the serial number on the telephone with the list below or examine the label of the box the telephone was supplied with.

The firmware version of a 2402 telephone can also be determined by plugging in the telephone to an IP Office system, then pressing and holding the test sequence while on hook.

R1.0 sets will light all LEDs and fill in all the display segments as long as the button is held down.

R2.0 sets will light all LEDs, fill in all the bottom display line segments and cycle the top display line between having all the segments filled in and displaying the following message: 2402D Rel:2.0 9/23/04


When ordering 2402 telephones, the firmware versions have different comcodes:


2402 telephones with R1.0 firmware intended for use on IP Office should be RMA’d via your usual route and replaced with R2.0 telephones. The 2402 is not software or firmware upgradeable.