IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

167: Initial IP Office 500 Bootup CPU LED Continues to Flash Red

23rd April 2007 - Full PDF Text Version


Initial power bootup of the IP Office IP500 CPU LED continues to flash

The IP Office 4.0 Installation Manual previously stated:

"Observe the CPU LED on the rear of the control unit. The LED should go through a green red cycle several times and then stay green on. During this time other LED's may flash as the unit goes through its power on self test cycle."


The IP Office IP500 system is shipped from the factory with software version 4.0.0 installed. This is not a fully functioning version of software and MUST be upgraded to the IP Office 4.0 GA software available on the Avaya support web site. Prior to the upgrade to the GA version of software the CPU LED flash RED upon power-up. The LED will turn GREEN only after a complete and proper installation of the 4.0 GA code.

Additional information on system upgrades can also be found in: Global IP Office Tech Bulletin Number 80.