IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

170: Avaya IP DECT Software Upgrade

1st May 2007 - Full PDF Text Version


This document is to advise our customers of an issue when upgrading the Avaya IP DECT ADMM software from 1.0.6 (released with IP Office 3.2) to the current GA version, 1.1.3 (Released with IP Office 3.2 and 4.0).

After an upgrade the 3701 or 3711 telephones may not be able to sign back onto the ADMM. The phone will state it is in an unsubscribed condition even though the ADMM configuration application shows the handset as subscribed.

It is possible to workaround this issue by deleting the subscription from the phone and then re-subscribing.

This issue is resolved in IP DECT software version 1.1.5 which is included in the Q2 2007 3.2 and 4.0 Maintenance Release.