IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

177: Uploading MHT files using IP Office Conference Center

3rd July 2007 - Full PDF Text Version


This document is to advise on the default maximum size of a MHT file that can be uploaded and converted using IP Office Conference Center.

The Conference Center application uses HTML control for the File upload module. This however, has a limitation when converting and uploading large file sizes. The default limitation is set within the Microsoft .Net framework; which is used to provide a free conversion facility which limits the maximum size to 4096KB by default.

In order to upload and convert files greater than 4096KB, the "Machine.config" file present in the .Net Framework needs to be modified.

Below is the procedure on how to modify the "Machine.config" file.

Note: The "Machine.config" file is part of Microsoft .Net framework; and changes made to this file may affect other application using the Upload or other similar functions.

Use the directory path below to locate the file:


Open the "Machine.config" file using a text editor (E.g. Notepad). Change the value <maxRequestLength>, as seen in the example below.


This example represents a 12MB maximum file size. When a new value has been entered save and close the file.