IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

179: IP Office Phone Manager - "sx80lc.ini file was not found"

3rd July 2007 - Full PDF Text Version


Avaya wish to advise on the cause and workaround for the following error which may occur when running the IP Office Phone Manager PC Softphone. This issue may affect PCs which have been running a 3.1 release of Phone Manager Pro prior to 3.1.17 and have upgraded to 3.2. The issue does not occur on new installations of Phone Manager version 3.1.17 and above.

The following dialog box may be displayed when an attempt is made to make an outgoing call from the PC Softphone.

The application will stop responding after the user clicks the OK button.


Root Cause of Problem:



Firstly, attempt to manually locate the old references of iClaritySvr & sx80lc32.dll in the windows system directory (i.e. c:\winnt\system32), if found delete these entries prior to reinstalling PhoneManager (after reboot).

If the problem persists copy the sx80lc.ini file to the location of sx80lc32.dll in the windows system directory.