IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

181: Conference Center Synchronize Option

13th July 2007 - Full PDF Text Version


This document is to clarify the use of the synchronization button within the Conference Center application when sharing a Power Point presentation.

When the presentation is synchronized by the conference host, clients receive the document URL and the document is loaded. The document (mht formatted) is attached to the Power Point 2000 control set, and at this point the Conference Center client application has no further control of over the document.

The client application has no information about the exact document location or particular slide that the host has navigated to and as a consequence the client will display the first slide from that presentation.

Subsequent use of the Synchronization button by the conference host, when changing the slide for example is therefore not possible. This is a limitation of the Power Point 2000 control set when used across a network and the Synchronizing presentations feature can not be supported by the current Conferencing Center Architecture beyond the initial document load.