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183: Database corruption in VM Pro call flows when Windows Remote Desktop is used as a

10th August 2007 - Full PDF Text Version


When remotely connecting to a Voicemail Pro Server using a method that launches an additional ‘Console Session’, such as Windows Remote Desktop & Terminal Services, making changes can cause the Voicemail Pro call flows to disappear from the Voicemail Pro Client. Once this configuration is saved, it creates a configuration which will not allow any future changes. Although the Database exists and will continue to run, it will not allow access to the database in order to make changes. Once the database is corrupted, the only workaround to restoring call flows is to import a backup call flow database, then Save and Make Live.

Note: The adverse effects of utilizing terminal services with CCC V4 are covered in Technical Tip 91.


It should be noted that using alternative remote access software that uses the same windows session as the local logged in console session will not experience this issue and will allow the Voicemail Pro client screens to be viewed and saved correctly.

With Terminal Services for Windows 2003 Server, the problem with Remote Desktop can be circumvented if the Terminal Service client takes control of the local logged in console session rather than creating a secondary console session. (Reference Tech Tip 91). For more Information on how to connect to the console session go to the Microsoft Support page at http://support.microsoft.com.