IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

192: So8 Video Configuration Using NI2

19th October 2007 - Full PDF Text Version


This technical tip explains how to set up the IPOffice S08 using NI2 for Video. In this example calls were routed to a Picture Tel 500 connected to an S08 port of the IP Office.

The following settings were used on two incoming data channels of a PRI line:

  • Line Number: 1

  • Channel Allocation: 23 -> 1

  • Switch Type: NI2

  • Line Sub Type: PRI

  • Provider: Local Telco

  • Channels: 22 & 23

  • Incoming Line Group: 95

  • Outgoing Line Group: 95

  • Direction: Bothway

  • Bearer: Any

  • Service: None

  • Admin: In Service


To route an incoming video call on the PRI lines configured above to an SO8 module requires the following:

  1. Create a dial short code that has the SO port as its destination Line Group. For this example the following was used:

  2. Create an Incoming Call Route that routes the appropriate calls to that short code. For this example the following was used:


To allow the video device on the S08 port to make outgoing calls to the PRI lines also requires a short code.

  1. For this example the following was used:


Screen shots from the Picture Tel 500

NOTE: The key setting for the unit is to have ISDN Switch Protocol set to 'Standard ETSI Euro-ISDN'