IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

194: Call Flow for Mobile Twinning Cannot Contain Dashes

19th October 2007 - Full PDF Text Version


Problems are being reported that call flows for Mobile Twinning are not working correctly when configured according to examples documented in the Voice Mail Pro Installation Guide and on-line Help files.

If Mobile Twinning is enabled on IP Office, a user can twin calls to an external number (their mobile telephone). This can be set up through Manager or by using Voice Mail Pro call flows.

When using Voice Mail Pro call flows to set up Mobile Twinning, the Generic Action is used. Within the Generic Action, details are entered in the Specific tab. In the Generic 'free format' field, the following fields are required:


NOTE: The specific issue here is with the third bullet item. In current documentation, the third bullet item is shown using dashes -, however this will not work when setting the CFG parameters. The correct way to enter the syntax is by using underscore _ to set the parameters.


Example: Call Flow for Mobile Twinning
This example creates a Voice Mail Pro module that allows a user to turn Mobile Twinning on or off. They can also set their mobile number. The example sets the mobile twinning for extension 203.

The steps to create the example call flow are:

  1. Create a new module called Mobile Twinning.

  2. Add a menu action with the menu options 1, 2 and 3. Add a prompt to tell the caller the options available.

  3. The option to turn mobile twinning on needs to be added.

  4. The option to turn mobile twinning off needs to be added.

  5. The ability to enter the mobile number needs to be added.

  6. An action needs to be added to set the mobile number.

  7. Please connect the actions, save and make live.


Lastly, previous to release 4.0, the User Name or Extension could be used in defining the parameters in the call flow, however in 4.0.X only the Extension Number can be used.