IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

201: Avaya IP Office Software Support Policy

23rd January 2008 - Full PDF Text Version


Avaya would like to restate the software support policy for IP Office and all associated applications.

Critical patches previously known as Private Builds will continue to be issued as soon as they are available, and will also be included in the Service Packs previously known as Quarterly Maintenance Releases. Service Packs providing all security, critical and noncritical fixes will be downloadable from the Avaya Support web site:


In order to understand which product releases will be supported with Critical Patches and Service Packs, it is important to understand the numbering scheme for Avaya products.

A product release is generally represented in the following manner:

Name of the Solution followed by N.Y(Z), where N = Major Release Y = Minor Z = Update. An update may either be a Critical Patch or a Service Pack designation.

Effective February 7th 2008, Avaya will develop Critical Patches and Service Packs for the current major release (N) and one prior major release (N minus 1). Within the supported major release, your system will need to have the most current update to receive Critical Patches and Service Packs.




Service Packs will be available on the support web site for new releases with the most current update. Patches will not be available since Service Packs will be created to include all patches both critical, non-critical and security related fixes.


IP Office Software Support Additional information

IP Office Core Software will work with the previous minor release of all IP Office applications. For example:

All IP Office expansion modules should be at the same software release as the IP Office CPU supporting them Small Community Networking (SCN) is supported between IP Office systems with (N) and (N minus 1) software levels but network features will be based on the lowest level of software within the network (N minus 1). If the SCN network is using Centralized Voicemail then when upgrading or adding an additional SCN site using software level (N) to the network, the central site (site with the VMPro) must first also be upgraded to software level (N). Please first ensure the central site hardware will support software level (N).