IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

204: IP500 ATM-4U Interoperability with Mobile or Cellular Devices

10th June 2008 - Full PDF Text Version


This Technical Tip is to advise customers about a possible interaction issue when devices such as cellular or mobile interfaces are connected to an IP500 ATM4U card (comcode 700359938). The IP500 ATM4U may not detect the ring signal correctly using devices such as the Zenite Plug Cell GT111, Xacom Celline DT or similar devices. This results in the incoming call not being routed by the IP Office. However, line appearance buttons may show some activity.

Since release 4.1(9), in conjunction with IP500 ATM4U PCS 4 hardware revision, Avaya has implemented an alternate ring detection algorithm which can be initiated by adding ATM4U_PCS7_RINGDETECT as a NoUser Source Number. The IP Office must be restarted for this entry to operate.

An IP500 ATM4U PCS4 card can be identified in the IP500 list of modules as ATM4 with PLD=0x07

3294524mS PRN: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

3294525mS PRN: ++++++++++++++++++++ LIST OF MODULES ++++++++++++++++++++

3294525mS PRN: +------------------------------------------------------------

3294525mS PRN: + Slot 1: Base DIGSTA8 Board=0x12 PLD=0x06

3294525mS PRN: + Mezzanine NONE

3294525mS PRN: +------------------------------------------------------------

3294526mS PRN: + Slot 2: Base PHONE8 Board=0x03 PLD=0x03

3294526mS PRN: + Mezzanine NONE

3294526mS PRN: +------------------------------------------------------------

3294526mS PRN: + Slot 3: Base VCM64 Board=0x05 PLD=0x11

3294526mS PRN: + Mezzanine ATM4 Board=0x02 PLD=0x07

3294526mS PRN: +------------------------------------------------------------

3294527mS PRN: + Slot 4: Base CARRIER Board=0x03 PLD=0x30

3294527mS PRN: + CARRIER/ATM4 is supported

3294527mS PRN: +------------------------------------------------------------

3294527mS PRN: +++++++++++++++++ END OF LIST OF MODULES +++++++++++++++