IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

208: Hook Switch Issues on Selected Avaya Telephones

19th August 2008 - Full PDF Text Version


Avaya has received a small number of issues in the last few months with telephones going on and off hook. We have conducted a thorough investigation of the problem and are establishing measures to resolve the issues and minimize customer impact. The investigation has identified that only a very small percentage of the telephones will be affected, typically after 9-15 months of intensive use. All new handsets in production have undergone modifications to reduce the likelihood of failure in the future.

This Technical Tip is to provide information on the issues and provides SMB specific actions that should be taken. For further details on the issues please refer to the Product Correction Notices (PCN) referenced later in this document.


Potentially Affected IP Office telephones are:

Telephone Model

Order Code














Problem: Telephones going "on-hook."

A very low probability exists that after extensive on/off-hook cycling of the handset a telephone may experience issues going "on-hook" (indicating the call has been disconnected), typically after 9-15 months of intensive use.


The PCN describes two steps to fix the problem:

a) Turn around the handset retainer tab. The majority of customers have reported that this fixes the problem without any further actions needed.*

*Note: There is no need to send these telephones back for repair as the suggested resolution can be easily implemented in the field, not requiring a specially trained technician.

b) If this does not help, order a replacement handset (Receiver only, not the complete telephone).


SMB Business Partners should contact their Distributors for supply of replacement handsets/receivers. Distributors please refer to Addendum 2.

For further details also see:

PCN: 1645B
Access to PCN: http://support.avaya.com/


Problem: Telephone going "off-hook"

A very low probability exists that after extensive on/off-hook cycling of the handset a telephone may experience issues going "off-hook" when the handset is removed from the cradle. This leads to a situation where people cannot accept a call using the handset.

It would not affect the userís ability to answer a call on a speakerphone or headset. This method of answering a call can be used to verify that no other issue exists (e.g. network problems).

This issue cannot be resolved in the field. It requires a repair at a repair vendor in order to exchange the malfunctioning component.

For any customers experiencing this issue, please refer to the established repair process for "in warranty" telephones. For this issue we will honor warranty outside of the standard warranty period.

For the EMEA and APAC regions, where no upfront replacement is available, we will establish an upfront replacement offer with our repair vendor Multimessage for defective telephones in order to minimize the impact on customer satisfaction. We expect to have this in place by the end of August and will provide further information by separate notice.

Please note that even though some customers may see a higher percentage of failures in comparison to the statistical average there is no reason to return all telephones. Research has shown that the failure of the malfunctioning component is sporadic and cannot be attributed to a specific production build.

With the processes being established we will be able to minimize the impact on customers, especially as it is mainly digital telephones that are affected and these require no configuration when being exchanged.

Telephones being returned without a genuine cause will not be accepted for free repair and a penalty charge may be applied. Please contact your Avaya sales contact in case of a single customer experiencing larger quantities of telephones failing.

For further details also see:

PCN: 1651B
Access to PCN: http://support.avaya.com/


Addendum 1

Repair vendor contacts

US: Please refer to PCN for contact details.

CALA: Please refer to PCN for contact details.

EMEA and APAC: Refer to the EMEA BusinessPartner Guidebook at

Multimessage Systems Ltd.
Units 1 & 2, Block 26
Cranborne Industrial Estate
Cranborne Road
Potters Bar
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1707 644480
Fax: +44 1707 646745
E-mail: repairs@multimessage.co.uk


Addendum 2

Distributor contacts for substitute handsets/receivers

Note: This section is applicable to Avaya qualified Distributors only. Business Partners will not be able to contact named addresses and request handsets themselves.

In EMEA and APAC, Avaya Reverse logistics will be handling the orders. Distributors can contact Reverse logistics to get telephones delivered either directly to the customer/Business Partner address or to their warehouse.

With the option to ship directly to the customer/Business Partner Avaya will not provide a free first time stock of handsets as exposure per Distributor can be very low. If a Distributor wants to stock material on their own, we are able to replenish this stock free of charge if they have to send out replacement handsets due to this issue.


Asia Pacific Region:

Distributors need to place a FOX order with the following details:


Contact addresses for the different regions are:


EMEA Region:

The same information as above is required. Please contact by e-mail:


Telephone: Please use your usual EMEA operation phone number.