IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

209: IP Office 4.2 Direct SMDR Output

29th August 2008 - Full PDF Text Version


This Technical Tip is to advise customers about a potential issue with the direct output of SMDR records introduced in IP Office 4.2 software.

In some call scenarios there is a possibility that the correct end of line characters may not be sent at the end of an SMDR record, therefore posing a potential issue for any software application that is collecting the data. If the correct end of line character is not received the collecting software may append records together until it receives what it expects to see as end of line notification.

Note: This issue does not affect any Delta Server SMDR records.

A private build 4.2(48103) is available to correct this specific issue, based on 4.2(4) GA, and also contains the fix for CQ 65951 - IP Office system restart when a User transfers a call to a destination set with call forwarding to the originator of the transfer.

Please contact your support organization for details of how to obtain this private build.

A fix will be included in the Q4 2008 maintenance release.