IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

210: Editing and Creating Voicemail Collect Short Codes in IP Office Manager 4.1(15)+

19th August 2008 - Full PDF Text Version


This Technical Tip supersedes Technical Tip 108 (4th Nov 2005).

Voicemail Collect short codes generally use constant strings in the Telephone Number field, but if they are configured without enclosing the string in quotes any special characters (See "Short Code Characters" in Manager help file) are processed causing a mismatch with the required Voicemail start point.

To reduce these issues, the Manager for IP Office 4.1(15) and Release 4.2 introduces behaviour where the Telephone Number is checked, if there are no quotes the whole field is included in quotes. This only applies to Voicemail Collect short codes and only when they are created or the Telephone Number field is edited in an existing short code.

This means that the shortcode example given in Technical Tip 108 for direct to Voicemail transfer now becomes:

Note: the 'X' characters must be upper case

When editing any existing Voicemail Collect short codes, even the default *17, care must be taken to ensure that if the Telephone Number is changed then special characters that are intended (U in the case of *17, N in the above example) are outside the quotes ("?"U). Multiple pairs of quotes can be used if required.

For the very rare occasions where a short code is needed where the Telephone Number only contains special characters it is possible to create the required short code by having a pair of quotes with nothing between them at the start or end of the Telephone Number.