IP Office Technical Tip

IP500 Digital Station Modules (DS16B / DS30B) - Critical Patch Availability for 8.1 Software

Further to the announcement in IP Office Technical Tip 261, this Technical Tip is to advise customers about the availability of a Critical Patch (CP) to enable support for the IP Office Digital Station Modules (DS16B/DS30B) with IP Office Release 8.1 software.

The CP, 8.1(798402), consists of new Control Unit binary files for the IP500 / IP500V2, Manager components, and Expansion Module software for the DS16B / DS30B.

The software is available from the Avaya Support web site:



IP Office Administration 8.1(79) must be installed prior to applying the CP. The CP can then be applied using the following instructions:

  1. Run the CP executable and extract it to a temporary folder.

  2. Copy the Manager DLL files, Manager executable and "bin.cfg" files into the Manager installation folder overwriting the existing files.

  3. Copy the "IP500.bin", "IP500v2.bin" and "dsaupnV1.bin" file into the Manager installation folder overwriting the existing files.

  4. Start IP Office Manager and upgrade the Control Unit.

  5. When the Control Unit has upgraded and restarted it will then recognise DS16B and DS30B Expansion Modules.

  6. Restart the Upgrade Wizard and upgrade the DS16B / DS30B Expansion Module(s).


The CP will be incorporated into 8.1 Service Pack 9 available May 2014.