IP Office Technical Tip

Forwarding Calls to Feature Short Codes

It has come to Avaya's attention that customers have been attempting to forward calls to Feature Short Codes. This may cause issues with the operation of IP Office. With the release of 9.1.5, Avaya have implemented restrictions to limit the Short Code features that forwarding will process. A forward to a non-permitted feature will fail and be processed as if there was no forward.

From the analysis of scenarios, it appears that simpler methods of configuration can be used. For example, in one scenario an incoming call route was configured with a User as a destination, the User was forwarded to a Short Code (*99*123#) which was a "ConferenceMeetMe" Feature Short Code. This can achieved more simply by configuring the Short Code in the ICR Destination, remembering to put the # in quotes, as # is a special character for matching X characters in the Incoming Number field: ie. *99*123"#"

As another example, to route a call to a Voice Mail Pro Call Flow, the Incoming Call Route destination can be configured as follows with the name of the Call Flow start point: eg. VM:Example

The following Short Code features can be used in conjunction with call forwarding: