IP Office Technical Tip

IP500 V2 with Analog Trunk Modules

Avaya is currently investigating reports of audible "clicking" sounds during calls on analog trunks connected to ATM4U V2 modules in IP500 V2 Control Units.

These occurrences are observed as sporadic bursts of between ten and twenty seconds apart. The trunk audio paths are still usable. These reports are independent of the base card where the ATM4U V2 is installed but is specific to slots one and two of the IP500 V2 Control Unit.

This issue may occur on systems specifically with IP500 V2 control units at Product Change Status (PCS) 18 and greater with either of the following "V2" Analog Trunk Modules:

System experiencing this issue, Avaya recommends moving the Trunk Module to slot 3 or 4 of the IP500 V2 Control Unit.

Note: Moving a Trunk Module to slot 3 or 4 on a system in "Basic" or "Partner" mode may prevent functionality such as Night Service from operating.

Avaya is working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. The Product Support Notice (PSN) for this issue (PSN004760u) will be updated when the investigation has been concluded.