IP Office Technical Tip

IP Office Voicemail Pro Call flow Behaviour change after Upgrading to 9.1

This Technical Tip is to inform customers using the Avaya IP Voicemail Pro with User or Hunt Group Names that match Voicemail Pro Call Flow Modules. After upgrading the software 9.1, the default Leave action behavior may change.

Customers using IP Office software releases prior to 9.1 will find that when the Voicemail timer expires on a call to a User or Hunt Group with a matching Voicemail Pro Module name will have the call forward to the User / Hunt Groups mailbox. After the upgrade the calls are sent to the Voicemail Pro Module with the matching name as the User or Hunt Group that the call was originally targeting instead of their mailbox.

To prevent this change in behavior from becoming service affecting a custom leave point should be created for each Users and/or Hunt Group that have matching Voicemail Pro Module names. This will allow calls to follow the Custom Leave setting when the Voicemail timer expires rather than send the call to the Voicemail Pro Module of the matching name.