This process covers the minimal security changes required for the IP Office service run by the server. For full details of all the security settings, refer to the IP Office Manager help.

To set/check the initial security configuration:

1.Using IP Office Manager, select File | Advanced | Security Settings. If the Select IP Office Menu does not appear, click icon_get_config.

2.Select the server and click OK. Enter the administrator user name and password.

3.For a system with default security settings ,a number of warnings are displayed. Note each warning and click OK.

4.Select and change the following passwords:

a.System Password
This password is used by IP Office Manager for system software upgrades. Click on the Change button and enter a new password. Click OK.

b.Voicemail Password
This password is used by the Voicemail Pro server to connect to the IP Office system. When set, the same password also needs to be set in the voicemail server's preferences using the Voicemail Pro client.

c.Monitor Password
This password is used by the System Monitor application to connect to the IP Office system using UDP or TCP. If not set, the System Password set above is used instead.

5.Select icon_security_general General.

a.Enable Block IP Phone Passcodes. This stops H.323 and SIP IP phones being registered using passcodes such as 0000 or the same as the extension number.

b.Check the IP Office User Details section. This section defines what security rules are applied to the setting and use of user passwords (other than the voicemail password).

6.The Application Controls section indicates a number of unsecure interfaces used by the system. Deselect those that are not required by the planned customer applications. As you select or deselect the controls, the Application Support section below changes to show the effect of the change.

Application Control

Used by


TFTP Server

System Monitor

If disabled, in addition to disabling the other TFTP options below, the system cannot support the network viewer component in the System Monitor application.

TFTP Directory Read


If disabled, DECT operates without the system directory feature.

TFTP Voicemail

Voicemail Pro

Program Code

IP Office Manager

Used for upgrades from IP Office Manager, recommend disabling when not required.





Disable unless the customer site will use TAPI applications with the IP Office.

HTTP Directory Read

one-X Portal for IP Office

HTTP Directory Write

one-X Portal for IP Office

7.Click OK.

8.Click icon large security user Service Users. By default, only the Administrator and EnhTcpaServer users are enabled.

a.Select EnhTcpaService. This service is used by one-X Portal for IP Office. If one-X Portal for IP Office is being installed, we recommend that the password is only changed after that installation is completed. If one-X Portal for IP Office is not being installed:

Click on the Change button and enter a new password for the service.

Click on Account Status and selected Disabled.

Click OK.

9.Click on the icon save config icon to save the security changes.