IP500 trunk daughter cards can be fitted to any IP500 base card except the Unified Communications Module and 4-Port Expansion card. For IP500 Combination cards, the trunk daughter card is pre-installed and cannot be changed.

Mezzanine Card


Mezzanine Card 02

icon_warning Warning

Correct anti-static protection steps should be taken while handling circuit boards.

Parts and Equipment Required

1.o IP500 Base Card

2.o IP500 Trunk Daughter Card

3.o 3 Stand Off Pillars
These are supplied with the trunk daughter card.

Tools Required

1.o 5mm Flat-blade screwdriver.

2.o Anti-static wrist strap and ground point.

Procedure: Installing a Trunk Daughter Card

1.Check that correct cards have been supplied.

2.Ensure that you are wearing an anti-static wrist strap connected to a suitable ground point.

3.On the base card identify the position of 3 holes for the plastic pillars for the IP500 card. These are along the same edge as the card connector.

4.Fit the stand off pillars to the IP500 base card.

5.If there is a clip-on metal shield over the connector block on the base card, remove it.

6.Using minimal force and checking that the pins are correctly located, push the IP500 trunk card onto its connector block and the stand off pillars.

7.Check that the card connector has snapped into position.

8.Using the washers and screws provided, secure the metal stand off pillars to the base card.

9.A set of labels are supplied with the trunk daughter card. Fit the appropriate label to the front of the base card.