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IP500 V2/V2A IP Office Essential Edition

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IP Office Software Applications

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The IP Office applications are available on a number of DVDs. These can be ordered at a nominal cost to cover order processing and delivery. Separate installation packages for IP Office applications can also be downloaded from the Avaya support website at





SAP Code

IP Office Release 11.1 FP2 Admin and User DVD Set


This DVD contain installation packages for all the main IP Office administration and user applications.


IP Office Release 11.1 FP2 Server Edition Installation DVD


Installation DVD for Server Edition and IP Office Application Server servers.


Virtualized IP Office Server Edition DVD


Installation DVD for virtualized Server Edition and IP Office Application Server servers.


IP Office Linux Server TTS DVD Set


Contains text to speech engines for use with Linux based Voicemail Pro's TTS functions.

It is acceptable to make copies of the Avaya IP Office DVDs listed above. However the content must remain intact, unaltered and without change or addition. Avaya does not accept any liability and responsibility for damage or problems arising from the use of such copies.



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