This process restores a previous backup, overwriting the /primary folder on the System SD card.

The processes below require the IP Office system to reboot in order to apply any changes made. The reboot ends all current calls and services.

To restore from a PC backup using IP Office Web Manager

1.Login to IP Office Web Manager.

a.Enter the system's IP address in the browser. Select IP Office Web Manager. Alternatively, enter https://<IP_Address>:8443/WebMgmtEE/WebManagement.html.

b.Enter an administrator user name and password and click Login.

2.Click Actions and select Restore.

3.Click Restore from and select Client Machine.

4.Click OK.

5.Click Configure Path.

6.Select the folder containing the previous backup and click Open.

7.Click Start Restore.

8.Wait until a restore completed message is displayed. Click Cancel to close the menu. The system reboots.