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IP500 V2/V2A IP Office Essential Edition

Connect any BST phones to their appropriate BST ports. These phones do not need to load additional firmware.

DS30B Module

The IP500 DS16B and DS30B external expansion modules support either BST or DS ports. The port type for a whole module is configured using IP Office Manager. See DS16B/30B Port Mode Selection.

Default Buttons

For system's with BST phone ports, when a phone is first connected to the port, the button programming of the associated user is overwritten with the default button programming appropriate for the phone model.

If the new system is being installed with a pre-staged configuration that include user button programming, the automatic defaulting of buttons to match the phone type will overwrite the user button settings. This behavior can be prevented by adding the following short code to the user's setup in the pre-programmed configuration:

Code: *DCP

Feature: Dial

Telephone Number: 84000004,1,1,0
The 4000004 part of the string above can also be used to adjust the defaults for the following phone settings:

The first digit sets the phone contrast = 1 (low) to 9 (high).

The last digit sets the ringer volume = 0 (high) to 7 (low).

Note that subsequently removing this short code will cause the buttons to return to defaulting according to the phone type.

Phone Type Setting

For some phones, the phone can only report its general type to the system rather than its specific model. It is recommended that after connecting all the phones, the phone types should be correctly set in the IP Office configuration.

! Important
The default types cannot be changed after installation without defaulting the configuration. Therefore you must ensure that you connect the correct type of phone to each port. If you need to swap phones, uses the process for exchanging extension numbers rather than swapping wiring.

1.Using IP Office Manager, receive the configuration from the system.

2.Select Extension.

3.Selecting each extension in turn, on the Extn tab, check that the Device Type field is set to the correct phone model.

Default Type

Possible Phone Models


T7100, M7100, M7100N, Audio Conferencing Unit.


T7208, M7208, M7208N.


T7406E, T7406, M7310, M7310N


T7316, M7310BLF


M7324, M7324N

4.Save the configuration back to the IP Office system.



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