Information to support the IP Office can be found on a number of web sites.

Avaya (
The official web site for Avaya. The front page also provides access to individual Avaya web sites for different countries.

Avaya Support (
Contains documentation and software downloads for Avaya products including IP Office. Copies of the IP Office software images are available from this site and updated core software files.

Avaya Documentation (
Contains Avaya product user guides and technical manuals in HTML format.

Avaya IP Office Knowledge Base (
Contains IP Office user guides and technical manuals in HTML and PDF formats.

Avaya Learning (
This site provides access to the full range of Avaya training courses. That includes both on-line courses, course assessments and access to details of classroom based courses. The site requires users to register in order to provide the user with access to details of their training record.

International Avaya Users Group (
This is the official discussion forum for Avaya product users. However it does not include any separate area for discussion of IP Office issues.

Avaya Product Compatibility Matrix (

Other Non-Avaya Web Sites
A number of third-party web forums exist that discuss IP Office. These can act as useful source of information about how the IP Office is used. Some of these forums require you to be a member and to register. These are not official Avaya forums and their content is not monitored or sanctioned by Avaya.

Tek-Tips (

IP Office Info (