Example Inc. has a group of receptionists who handle all incoming calls during normal business hours. Outside those hours, their calls are rerouted to a night desk where, if not answered, calls go to voicemail.

How was this configured?

A hunt group called Reception was created, containing the users who act as receptionists.

The hunt group's voicemail was turned off so that calls to the group ring until answered.

The system's default incoming call route destination is the Reception hunt group.

A time profile, Business Hours, was created specifying 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, as normal business hours.

The receptionist group's Fallback settings use the time profile to set when the group is in service. Outside those hours, the settings reroutes the group's calls to its Night Service Destination.

Tip: The time profile could have been applied directly to the system's incoming call routes. However, by applying it to the hunt group, internal calls and calls transferred to the receptionists are also redirected.