The phones need to be configured with a number of conference codes. The main conference code required is one to conference the phones current and held calls. This needs to be set to match a conference add short code on the IP Office system (the default system short code is *47).

The analog B149/B159 phones also need to be configured with codes to send a hook flash to hold/unhold calls.

To set the conference codes:

1.Press the b100_menu_button Menu button.

2.Scroll to CONF GUIDE and press OK.

3.Scroll to SETTINGS and press OK.

4.At the ENQUIRY prompt enter F and OK. Enter F by pressing the b100_off_hook_button key. Backspace by pressing b100_back_button.

5.At the CONFERENCE prompt enter F and the IP Office conference add short code, for example F*47. Press OK.

6.At the RETURN prompt enter F and press OK.

7.To exit the menus, press b100_menu_button Menu again. To exit the current menu option, press b100_back_button.