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one-X Portal for IP Office Admin

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Configuring Microsoft Exchange Server Integration

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The one-X Portal for IP Office can connect to an Exchange server to provide presence integration based on a user's calendar meetings and appointments.

Exchange Server Requirements

one-X Portal for IP Office supports Exchange server calendar mining feature. one-X Portal for IP Office mines the calendar details of users configured on Microsoft Exchange server and updates the presence status of the users on one-X Portal for IP Office.

Supported Microsoft Exchange Servers
Connection to the following Microsoft Exchange servers is supported for presence integration:

Exchange 2010

Exchange 2013

Exchange 2016

IP Address of the Microsoft Exchange server.

User Account:
A user account (AvayaAdmin) is created and given rights to mine the details of the users configured on the Exchange server.

TCP/IP Port:
The default port is 6669.

Firewall Exceptions
If the Exchange server is hosted by a service provider and it outside the internal network, then port 6669 has to be opened on the router or firewall to allow inbound traffic from the Exchange server to the one-X Portal for IP Office server.

Process Summary

You must perform the following steps to enable the one-X Portal for IP Office to update the users' presence based on Microsoft Exchange Server calendar meetings or appointments.

1.Install and enable Digest Authentication

2.Create an AvayaAdmin user account

3.Configure the AvayaAdmin user account

4.Set impersonation rights for AvayaAdmin



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