Web Collaboration is a service supported from an IP Office Application Server. It works in conjunction with one-X Portal for IP Office and Voicemail Pro.

Web Collaboration provides the user with functions to share documents, applications and their desktop in a web collaboration conference. This runs in parallel with an audio conference hosted by the IP Office system.

Capacity matches the IP Office audio conferencing capacity. Bandwidth requirement 250kbps per user.

Users need a UC User subscription.

Hosts can upload documents in PDF, JPEG and PNG formats.

10 documents per user

6MB per document.

Application and desktop sharing is not supported for MAC PC users.

Launch from browser URL or directly from one-X Portal for IP Office (including Outlook plugin and Call Assistant).

Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

Video is not supported.

Internal web collaboration users can use WebRTC to stream audio via the web collaboration conference rather than having to make a parallel telephone call to the audio conference.