IP500 V2A systems support a range of CTI interfaces for connections to applications. These are provided through various API's and SDK's. See https://www.devconnectprogram.com/site/global/products_resources/ip_office/interfaces/index.gsp for more details.

Simple interfaces such as SMDR and TAPI are supported without the need for any subscription. More advanced interfaces, such as those below, require the system to have a Third-Party CTI subscription.

TAPILink Pro
TAPILink Pro provides provides third party CTI operation. This means that a single server can control and monitor any number of telephone devices. TAPILink Pro also provides the ability to monitor and control groups. This allows an application to be notified when a call enters a queue, and can also redirect it to another location.

TAPI WAV driver
Provides software-based support for voice processing. The TAPI-WAV driver is for use with TAPI 2.1 only; for TAPI 3.0, IP Office supports the Media Service Provider (MSP) interface, defined by Microsoft in TAPI 3.0.

DevLink Pro
Provides a real-time event stream for calls and events on the system. The real-time event stream takes the form of a call record, which is issued whenever the state of any endpoint of a call changes (typically there are two endpoints on a call, but for some circumstances, such as conference calls, intruded calls there may be more).