When the firmware loaded by the control unit is erased, the control unit begins making BOOTP requests for replacement firmware files. IP Office Manager can act as a BOOTP server and respond to the control units request with the appropriate file from those installed with IP Office Manager.

Unlike other control units, when the firmware loaded by an IP500 V2A control unit is erased, the IP500 V2A control unit will first look for replacement firmware on its SD cards before falling back to using a BOOTP request to IP Office Manager.

icon_warning Do not perform any of the following processes unless absolutely necessary. The IP Office software can normally be upgraded using IP Office Manager.

icon_warning This process erases the operational software. Before attempting this process you must know the MAC and IP addresses of the system, plus have a backup copy of its configuration and the correct .bin file for the control unit type and level of software.

icon_warning The presence of any firewall blocking TFTP and or BOOTP causes this process to fail.

The processes below should be performed from a PC with a fixed IP address, directly connected to the IP Office control unit and with the IP Office system disconnected from any network. During the process, the control unit's IP address may default to a value in the to range. If this occurs, it may be necessary to amend the BOOTP entry in IP Office Manager to match the address the system is using.

Process Options

oErasing Core Software Using the Reset Button

oErasing Core Software Using Debug

oErasing Core Software Using the Boot Loader