The following process can be used to migrate a PLDS licensed IP Office Essential Edition or IP Office Preferred Edition system to a IP Office Subscription system.

Converting an Existing System to Subscription Mode:

1.Using IP Office Manager, save a copy of the system's existing configuration (see Saving the Configuration File Off-Line) having noted the system's PLDS Host ID (License | License).

2.Using the PLDS ID to register the system's System SD card for subscription licensing. The mapping assumed for existing user profiles is:

Non-Subscription System

Subscription Mode System

Non-licensed User

Non-licensed User

Basic User

Telephony User

Mobile User

Office Worker

UC User

Power User


3.Once you have the subscription details for the system, load the system's configuration in IP Office Manager and select File | Advanced | Initial Configuration.

4.In the initial configuration menu, change the System Mode to IP Office Subscription.

5.Check that Retain Configuration is selected.

6.Enter the subscription details for the system.

7.Check the network settings include a Gateway and DNS Server address and that the selected Public LAN Interface is the system LAN is that which is connected to the customer's outgoing external network.

8.Click OK. The new subscription mode configuration is opened in IP Office Manager.

9.Check through the configuration:

Check that the time settings are set to SNTP and the server to

Check that an IP Route exists for with the customer's Gateway IP Address and the Destination set to the system LAN which is on the customer's outgoing network.

Check that the user profiles have been remapped to the subscription profiles as expected.

10.Save the configuration to the system. The system is rebooted a couple of times as it is switched to subscription mode using the new configuration. This takes approximately 5 minutes.