Systems must be shut down in order to perform maintenance rather than just switched off. The shut down can be either indefinite or for a set period of time after which the IP Office will automatically reboot. Note that the control unit memory cards can be shutdown and restarted separately from the system.

During the shut down process, the current configuration in the control unit's RAM memory is copied to the control units non-volatile memory. For IP500 V2A systems that location is the System SD card.

A shutdown must always be used to switch off the system. Simply removing the power cord or switching off the power input may cause the loss of configuration data.

This is not a polite shutdown, any user calls and services in operation will be stopped. Once shutdown, the system cannot be used to make or receive any calls until restarted.

The shutdown process takes up to a minute to complete. When shutting down a system with a Unified Communications Module installed, the shutdown can take up to 3 minutes while the card safely closes all open files and closes down its operating system.

Shutdown LED Indication
When shutdown, the LEDs shown on the system are as follows. Do not remove power from the system or remove any of the memory cards until the system is in this state:

LED1 on each IP500 base card installed will also flash red rapidly plus LED 9 if a trunk daughter card is fitted to the base card.

The CPU LED on the rear of the system will flash red rapidly.

The System SD and Optional SD memory card LEDs on the rear of the system are extinguished.

Restarting a System
To restart a system when shutdown indefinitely, or to restart a system before the timed restart expires, switch power to the system off and on again.

Process Options

oShutdown a System Using IP Office Manager

oShutdown a System Using System Status Application

oShutdown a System Using a System Phone

oShutdown a System Using the AUX Button

oShutdown a System Using IP Office Web Manager