IP500 V2 control units have an internal power supply unit and so only require a suitable locale specific power cord and a power outlet that includes a switch. Note that if the power cord includes an earth lead, the power outlet must be connected to a protective earth.

External expansion modules are all supplied with an external power supply unit (PSU). These PSUs include an integral 1.5 meter lead for connection to the control unit or expansion module. A power cord for connection from the PSU to the power outlet is not included as this varies by locale. The appropriate power cord must be ordered separately or sourced locally.

The connector required on the power cord is an IEC60320 C13 connector.

! Important: External Expansion Module Power
In order to be detected and operated correctly, external expansion modules must start before the IP Office control unit. Normally this achieved by connected all expansion modules to the same power strip as the control unit. The control unit applies a short delay to its own start-up process to ensure that expansion modules powered on at the same time as it are detected.

Additional power supply units are required for phone button modules and may also be required for Avaya IP phones.

Avaya IP phones can use IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) power supplies.