This application is intended for telephone system operators or receptionists. Its displays details of calls directed to the user and allows them to quickly see the status of the callers required destination and transfer the call. The IP Office SoftConsole user is able to access a range of details about the status of users and groups on the IP Office system.

The application works in conjunction with an extension phone to provide the speech path for calls.

Up to 4 IP Office SoftConsole users can be configured.



IP Office Release User/Admin DVD (700513659)  or Linux server App Center tab.


Brazilian, Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Dutch, English (UK), English (US), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Latin Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.


✓ The number of Receptionist Console subscriptions sets the number of users who can be configured as SoftConsole users (up to 4).

PC Requirements

For detailed PC requirements, refer to the appropriate IP Office installation or implementation manual for the application. For general operating system and browser support notes, refer to Operating System Summary.