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R11.1 Linux-Based System Upgrade Notes

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Creating a Back Up

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A full system backup should be performed before all major actions such as a system upgrade. The backup is not required for the actual upgrade, but is an absolutely necessary provision to recover should issues occurs in the upgrade process.

Avaya only supports web manager backup/restore between Linux-based IP Office servers. Avaya also only supports HTTPS, HTTP or SFTP for this purpose.

The following options can be used:

The Server Edition ISO can be installed on a non-Avaya PC and ignited as an IP Office Application Server server but without the one-X Portal for IP Office and Voicemail Pro enabled.

The Server Edition OVA can be installed within VMware Player on a portable PC (similar to the IP Office Anywhere used for product demonstrations). During server ignition, the IP Office Application Server role can be selected.


This section provides a quick summary of the configuration and processes. It is assumed that a backup solution is already in place prior to the upgrade to R11.0.4.5.

1.Assessing the Backup Capacity Requirement

2.Enabling HTTP Support

3.Creating a Remote Server Link for Backup/Restore

4.Performing a Web Manager Backup

5.Testing Restoration

6.Deleting Existing Backups



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