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R11.1 Linux-Based System Upgrade Notes

> Upgrading Pre-R11.1 SP1 Systems to R11.1

Changes from the Previous Upgrade Process

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This document covers the process of upgrading to R11.1 SP2 via R11.0.4.5. The process is significantly different from the previous process of upgrading to R11.1 via R11.0.4.3. For those familiar with the previous process, a summary of the changes are:

Backup/Restore Improvements
The manually triggered IP Office backup/restore process is no longer required as part of the upgrade process. However, a backup is still strongly recommended as it is for all system upgrades and major changes. In relation to that, IP Office R11.0.4.5 and R11.1 SP2 both contain backup/restore enhancements to now include the following files:

IP Office generated certificates.

All music-on-hold files.

The system security configuration.

Any custom voicemail prompt files.

Any JPEG image files in the system primary folder.

Upgrade of Virtual Servers
The process in this document now use the existing virtual servers rather than requiring the creation of replacement R11.1 SP2 virtual servers onto which the previous server's data is migrated. This removes the need for additional steps such as re-licensing.

Rufus USB Creator
Large USB memory keys are required for some upgrades. However, the Avaya USB Creator cannot be used with USB memory keys larger than 64GB. Therefore, for some upgrades Rufus is used as the tool to create bootable USB memory keys.


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