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R11.1 Linux-Based System Upgrade Notes

This upgrade process requires the server PC to boot from the USB upgrade. However, the normal boot order on some servers is to boot from CD/DVD drive and, if unsuccessful, then boot from the first hard disk. This boot order is set in the BIOS settings of the server PC.

To add other devices to the list from which the server can boot or to change the order of usage, you need to change the server's BIOS settings. The method of accessing the BIOS varies between servers. Refer to the PC manufacturer's documentation.

Typically, an option to access the BIOS settings of a server briefly appears whilst the server PC is starting. For example "Press Del for setup" indicates that the server BIOS is accessed by press the Delete key whilst the message is shown. This option is only available for a few seconds.

Once the PC displays its BIOS settings, the normal boot up process stops. The BIOS settings typically consist of several pages. The settings for the order in which the server looks at different devices for a boot software source are normally set on the Advanced BIOS Features page.

To boot from a DVD, ensure that the server's DVD drive is set as the boot device used before the server's hard disk.

To boot from a USB memory key, set a USB option as the boot device used before the server's hard disk. Depending on the BIOS, there may be multiple USB options. Select USB-FDD.

The server's hard disk must remain in the list of boot devices. The server boots from the hard disk after the software installation.



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