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R11.1 Linux-Based System Upgrade Notes

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Creating a Unified Communications Module USB Upgrade Key

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This process describes how to create a USB memory key that can then be used to upgrade a R11.0.4.5 Unified Communications Module to R11.1 SP2.

The same USB upgrade key can be used to upgrade multiple servers. The USB upgrade key does not need to be recreated between use on different servers.

This process will erase all existing files and folders on the USB key without any chance of recovery.

Tools & Equipment Required:

Windows PC with IP Office R11.1 SP2 Administration Suite

Avaya USB Creator
This software tool can be used to create an auto-upgrade USB memory key for use with Unified Communications Module units if using a USB memory keys of less than 64GB. If using a larger USB memory key, follow the process for using Rufus instead.

IP Office R11.1 SP2 Unified Communications Module ISO File
This file is used for the R11.1 SP2 upgrade process. This ISO file's name is prefixed with "c110" followed by the 11.1 SP2 version.

32GB+ USB Memory Key
A USB memory key of at least 32GB is required for Unified Communications Module upgrades.

If using a USB memory key of 64GB or larger, Avaya USB Creator cannot be used for the upgrade process. Instead, use Rufus (see Creating a PC Server USB Upgrade Key ) but with the c110 ISO file.


1.Download and install Avaya USB Creator.

2.Insert the USB memory key into the Windows PC.

3.Start Avaya USB Creator.

4.Select the Unified Communications Module R11.1 SP2 ISO file. For an Unified Communications Module, the file name is prefixed with "c110" followed by the software version.

5.Select the USB memory key.

5.Set the installation mode to UCM - Auto Upgrade.

6.Select the voicemail prompt languages that should be included. Ensure that this includes the languages already used by the voicemail service.

7.Click Start.

8.The progress of the unpacking of the ISO file onto the USB memory key is displayed. Allow this process to continue without any interruption. This takes up to 10 minutes depending on the size of the USB memory key.

6.When the application shows "USB Creation Complete", close the application and remove the USB upgrade key.

7.The USB upgrade key is now ready for use. See Upgrading a Unified Communications Module.



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