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R11.1 Linux-Based System Upgrade Notes

> Creating a Back Up

Deleting Existing Backups

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A server being used as the backup server can theoretically store up to 14 backups. In reality the space required for each backup may limit it to as few as one or two.

The system prefixes all files associated with a particular backup with the backup set number in the format NN_ from 00_ to 13_. Since it uses the NN_ prefixes in a cycle, the prefixes shown do not necessarily match the date order.

If necessary, you can manually delete previous backups in order to maximize the available backup space prior to a full backup. Verify the prefix to delete by first using the restore process to see the list of existing backups. See Test Restoration.

Only delete files with numeric prefix such as 00_ to 13_. Other files present in the folder are used by the backup server for management and control of the backup file sets.

To delete previous backup sets:

1.Connect to the backup server using an SSH file management client and web manager Administrator account.

2.Browse to /var/www/html/avaya/backup folder.

3.To delete a particular backup set, select and delete all files with the same NN_ file prefix. Do not delete any other files.


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