Using the Voicemail Pro client, on the Windows Voicemail Pro server create an immediate backup.

To take an immediate backup:

1.Open the Voicemail Pro Client application and connect to voicemail server.

2.From the Administration menu, select Preferences > General.

3.Click the Backup & Restore tab.

4.Click Backup Now.

5.Select all the following settings for a full backup:

Voicemails: The voice messages received in the user and hunt group mailboxes.

User Greetings & Settings: The personal and temporary greetings, greeting configuration settings, mailbox configuration settings, outcalling configuration settings, and custom recordings.

Campaigns: The responses received for campaigns.

Callflows, Modules & Conditions: The callflows, modules, conditions, and meta information for campaigns.

Module Recordings: The recordings for the various modules.

System Settings: The settings like Voicemail Pro settings, COS settings, debug settings, and so on.

6.To save the backup files locally, enter a local file path, that is C:\filepath.

7.Click OK to start the backup. Whilst the backup is in progress, the Restore & Backup dialog box displays Abort instead of Backup Now.