To upgrade an R11.0.4.5 Unified Communications Module from the previously prepared USB upgrade key, use the following process.

Only perform this process on an IP500 V2 system and Unified Communications Module that have already been upgraded to IP Office R11.0.4.5.

2.Ensure that you have a full backup in order to be able to recover from any upgrade issues. See Creating a Back Up.

This process takes approximately 90 minutes from the USB boot.

Tools & Equipment Required:

USB Upgrade Memory Key
See Creating a Unified Communications Module USB Upgrade Key.

Windows PC with IP Office R11.1 SP2 Administration Suite

Administrator details
Administrator user name and password for connection to the IP Office system.

HDMI Monitor and Cable
An HDMI monitor and cable are used to monitor the progress of the upgrade process.

To install a software image from a USB memory key:

1.Connect a monitor to the Unified Communications Module using the HDMI cable. The monitor must be connected before the module is rebooted.

2.For the Unified Communications Module v1, remove the plastic cover from the front of the module. Retain this and reattach it after completing this process.

3.Connect to the IP Office using System Status Application (see Starting System Status Application ). Select System | UC Modules and select the module. The page shows the module status and other information.

4.Insert the USB upgrade memory key into the module's upper USB port.

5.In System Status Application, click on Shutdown.

6.Once the module has shut down, click the USB Boot button.

7.After up to 2 minutes initializing, the module boots using the files on the USB memory key. The HDMI monitor will show the progress of the software installation. The process takes approximately 95 minutes after which the Unified Communications Module is automatically restarted.

8.The software installation is complete when System Status Application shows the status "Operational".

9.Remove the USB upgrade key from the Unified Communications Module. The same upgrade key can be used for multiple modules as all backup data on the key is automatically erased following a successful upgrade.

10.For the Unified Communications Module v1, refit the plastic cover removed at the start of the process.

11.Wait for the modules Status to change from "Applications Starting" to "Operational". This can take up to 10 minutes if one-X Portal for IP Office is installed.

12.Check the status and operation of the Unified Communications Module services (voicemail, one-X Portal for IP Office).