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R11.1 Linux-Based System Upgrade Notes

> Creating a Back Up

Performing a Web Manager Backup

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Use the following process to backup existing server settings to the backup server.

To perform a web manager backup:

1.Login to web manager on the server.

For a Server Edition network, do this through the network's primary server.

For a Unified Communications Module, browse to the IP Office system IP address and select IP Office Web Manager on UCM.

2.On a primary server, click on the checkbox to select all the servers in the network.

3.Click Actions and select Backup.

4.In the BACKUP CONFIGURATION section, select the options to backup. Options are grayed out if the relevant service is not running on one of the servers.

5.For Select Remote Server, select the remote server that was setup for connections to the backup server. See Creating a Remote Server Link for Backup.

6.Click Start.

7.When the backup starts, information about its progress appears on the Solution menu. If the backup is successful, the menu displays Backup complete for each server included.



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