On a Linux-based voicemail server, you cannot use the Voicemail Pro client to restore previous backups it has taken. However, the backup files can be copied to the server and then restored using it web control menus.

Warning: Close any Voicemail Pro client before restoring
The restoration process requires the voicemail service to shutdown and restart. This does not occur if any Voicemail Pro client is connected to the service during the restore and leads to an incorrect restoration of files.

To restore files using the web control menus:

1.Connect to Linux server using an SSH File transfer tool.

2.Copy the backup folder to the /opt/vmpro/Backup/Scheduled/OtherBackups folder on the Unified Communications Module or IP Office Application Server.

3.Using a web browser, login directly to the server's web control menus on port 7071 (not IP Office Web Manager on port 7070).

4.Click Settings, and select the General tab.

5.In the Backup and Restore section, click Restore for the Voicemail service.

6.Select the backup file that you want to restore.

7.Click OK.