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R11.1 Linux-Based System Upgrade Notes

The upgrade scripts include checks for certain conditions which if not matched, cause the upgrade process to stop without performing the upgrade. The most likely cause of the failure to upgrade are:

If the server started as normal rather than upgrading:

oThe boot source for the upgrade was not the USB upgrade key. Correct the server's boot settings and reattempt the upgrade.

If the server automatically shutdown following the upgrade attempt:

oThe system was not running IP Office R11.0.4.5. All upgrades to R11.1 SP2 must start from R11.0.4.5. When this occurs, the message "Version found <version>  is not" is added to the server's section of the /logs/backup_logs.txt file (see Upgrade Logs).

oThe system was shutdown using a method other than the Shutdown button shown in its web control menus.

oIt was detected that Media Manager may have been run at some time, but was not running at the time the system shutdown command was used. The Media Manager server must be running in order to successfully backup any Media Manager settings and data.


1.Correct the likely cause of the failure to upgrade above and reattempt the upgrade.

2.If the upgrade still fails, collect the logs files that will be required in order to raise a support ticket. See Upgrade Logs.






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