The first stage of upgrading to R11.1 SP2 is to upgrade all servers to R11.0.4.5:

This is absolutely essential. R11.0.4.5 contains changes which are used by the process of upgrading to R11.1 SP2.

Attempting to upgrade to R11.1 SP2 or higher from any earlier pre-R11.0 release will fail and may cause the lose of data.

Process Summary

1.Backup the servers before upgrading to R11.0.4.5. See Creating a Back Up.

2.The R11.0.4.5 can be performed using the normal ISO transfer methods. However, refer to the appropriate technical bulletins and release notes for any intermediate releases if not upgrading from another release of R11.0

3.If the servers are already licensed for R11.0, the same licenses are valid for R11.0.4.5 and R11.1 SP2. Otherwise, obtain a set of licenses for the servers at R11.0.4.5.  

4.Following the upgrade, test and verify the operation of all services, for example:

oIncoming and outgoing calls.

oVoicemail services.

oMedia Manager

! WARNING: Even if the customer no longer uses Media Manager, if there are any stored call recordings on the server's additional hard disk, then the service needs to be running correctly on R11.0.4.5 before the server is upgraded to R11.1 SP2. Once the server is upgraded to R11.1 SP2, the Media Manager service can be stopped again.

oone-X Portal for IP Office

5.Only proceed with the R11.1 SP2 upgrade once correct operation of all services has been verified on R11.0.4.5.

6.Begin the upgrade by backing up the R11.0.4.5 servers. See Creating a Back Up.